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Who the heck is NEXX TRENDS ?

NEXX TRENDS was started on March 8th 2021 by Dylan Paquette.

Our founder Dylan had always dreamed about starting something big and leaving his mark on the world, as a young kid his first idea was to become a YouTube gamer. He started by using a tiny laptop that could barely run basic games let alone edit the videos to put them on the internet for other people to see, his idea never did become a reality though. 


There were a couple of reasons for this:

The hunger sitting inside Dylan to achieve something big never felt challenged, he never got stuck in a stream of knowing he was doing the right thing in life. He never felt that where he was and what he was trying was where he was supposed to end up, so he decided to quit the gaming idea and do regular VLOG's. He would try this a couple of times, it felt better and gave him a great deal of excitement to sit in front of a camera and put on a show for people to come and see. He went by many different titles on YouTube and tried many different things during his teenage years.

Finally though he got bored and worn out from a lack of success. One fact that eventually made him quit the YouTube scene altogether was when he would watch other YouTubers talk about the passion that it took to become successful on the platform. That is one thing that he never fully felt while forcing himself to come up with video ideas - it never felt natural.


So what influenced NEXX TRENDS?

The funny thing about NEXX TRENDS is that it was started by accident. Dylan was building an online store for his daily job because they were thinking about putting their products online and when that eventually fell through the website was left dormant for months - with no future and no one to take care of it, one night he decided to take a stab into the world of online shopping.


That is what leads us here today.

NEXX TRENDS biggest goal is customer satisfaction. Dylan leads NEXX TRENDS with the understanding that without customers there is no business to be run, there are no products to be sold, there is no legacy to be left behind. Right now NEXX TRENDS is small, that means EVERY customer counts. It doesn't matter if they are a returning customer or someone brand new they will all be treated the same.


WE are here for you if something goes wrong.

WE are here to make sure you are fully satisfied.

WE are here to make your shopping experience fun.

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